I’m Amanda Abel, a paediatric psychologist, business owner and consultant. But I’m first and foremost a mum to my beautiful 9 year old daughter. It’s amazing how being a parent makes you want to throw everything you’ve got at improving the world…After close to two decades of experience as a psychologist, my work has evolved and while I continue direct client work in my practices with children, adolescents, and their families, I fulfil my purpose by providing mainstream media commentary, public speaking, and working with brands and companies to offer paediatric psychological consultation. As a psychologist, what I do is all about connection.

Fundamentally, TotallyConsulting (aka the Psychology Department here at TotallyAwesome!) is about taking action towards transforming the world for future generations.

Complacency is not in our vocabulary, so we work using a multi-faceted approach to create a world that is safe and supportive for kids, teens, and parents.

One of the ways we achieve this is through our consultation with clients such as governments, brands, trade media, publishers, and content creators. We are the only company of our kind with an in-house psychologist providing bespoke evidence-based education, mentoring and insights for our clients. We deliver contextually relevant information from a psychological perspective with the goal of connecting our clients meaningfully with their audience – in a responsible and ethical way. Having a deep, current, and culturally sensitive understanding of an audience from a psychological perspective means that our clients can be authentic in their interactions. There’s a lot more to understanding today’s children, teens and families than meets the eye, and the progressive brands, companies and government departments who join us on this journey are part of a global transformation that is not only intrinsically rewarding but makes incredibly smart business sense.

However, here at TotallyConsulting, we also work towards our goals by providing tools for parents to connect with their kids and understand their world.

And for the big impact to continue making ripples, we use our collective voice to advocate within the industry for a safe online (and offline!) world for kids.

Amanda Abel
Paediatric Psychologist
BSocSc, BAppSc(Psych)(Hons), MAPS, MAAPi