Zoomers Digital Insights
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50+ years ago, youths were seen but not heard. In 2023, their voices are stronger and more powerful than ever before.

TotallyAwesome’s Zoomers Digital Insights (ZDI) report is the most in-depth research on youths aged 4 to 24 across the whole APAC region.

With over 8.8 million data points collected from responses of over 5.1K youths with their parents across 14 key markets in APAC, our ZDI report enables brands to navigate youth insights such as content preferences, purchasing habits, digital media usage, gaming, and many more!

Insights that matter
to you:

  • Why the next generation of youth is an untapped growth audience
  • Media consumption habits, behavioural patterns, brand considerations & more across multiple verticals
  • Deeper understanding on the influential power a youth holds within a household
  • The rise of co-participation between youths and their parents in APAC
  • How the purchase decision funnel for youths and their parents have evolved, and actionable insights on how brands can reach them
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    TotallyAwesomeセールスチームが2021年のZoomersDigital Insightの詳細な調査のカスタマイズされたバージョンを提示したい場合は、今すぐinfo@totallyawesome.tvに接続してください。