TotallyAwesome’s latest initiative for #KeepingKidsSafe

TotallyAwesome and leading kids’ brands have created subsidised Public Service Announcement campaigns to teach kids about the virus and how to stay safe.

It’s hard to get online these days and not see a message about COVID-19. However, one key demographic is sorely left out of communication. Kids are just as affected – if not more – than adults. Leading kids digital media company TotallyAwesome has launched the #KeepingKidsSafe campaign to inform and assure kids about the virus.

As more countries in Asia Pacific feel the fallout from COVID-19, health and economic concerns are at the top of the minds of every individual, companies and countries as countries make calls for citizens to stay at home. Schools have been closed, as have playgrounds. 

Kids are suddenly cut off from their friends and aren’t allowed to visit the parks. School has moved online and into homes. Everyone is cramped at home. It feels like a holiday – but not a fun one. This can be very stressful for them and difficult to understand, which makes it an anxious time for kids. 

According to a study by TotallyAwesome, children have replaced time outside with screen time, as a surge of up to 46 per cent is recorded. With more time spent online, the company is also concerned about the exposure to fake news such as videos on drinking warm water to keep the virus at bay or by holding your breath.

Chief Executive Officer Quan Nguyen said: “TotallyAwesome is concerned about the severe lack of pandemic communication aimed at kids. As children spend more time online, they need information that explains what’s happening and reassurance in these confusing times.”

To this end, TotallyAwesome is working with brands to deliver credible, well-crafted PSAs just for kids in their #KeepingKidsSafe initiative. The company will match every ad dollar spent by brands with ad inventory of up to 50 per cent in value. This will help advertisers get an even better reach and return on their media investment during the pandemic. 

The ad spend can be used on TotallyAwesome’s AwesomeAds Marketplace or Kidsafe Social Video Solution, which includes YouTube channels. PSAs on the company’s platform include in-app games – where kids have to find soaps in a scenario within a set time ­– or filmstrip ads to educate kids on best which can save lives. 

“TotallyAwesome and our brand partners are committed to helping children get through this tough time, while making sure they stay informed through proper channels. We hope families can take this time to bond with their children and spend more time online safely,” added Quan.

According to research by Kantar, only eight per cent of consumers want traditional advertising to be put on hold. The World Federation of Advertisers also shared that while brands are deferring campaigns, four in five companies are creating new content to manage the impact of the crisis on their brand.