$224Bn of unrealized potential for marketers

A brand's new power up: harnessing the player power of youth

Gaming platforms have evolved into concert venues and a new playground to share experiences

Mickey Mouse birthday parties have now been swapped out with game IP themed parties

After school play for kids now means logging into Animal Crossing and meeting their friends

Brands are now engaging and co-creating experiences with kids through gaming platforms

Kid’s Choice Awards are no longer views on TV, but in metaverse platforms

Ambassadors with popular games are now leading trends for teens and youth

Toy manufacturers are building their play ecosystem beyond the games

Ariana Grande x Fortnite Virtual Concert

Attended by 27.7 million unique users, 12.3 million concurrent access players.
Among Us Birthday Parties

Influence of game IP is evident beyond the game with new sub cultures around gaming being created.

A majority of players play with IRL friends or friends met online. Global player count sold 34.85 million games
Airtopia Nike on Roblox

Nike created ‘Airtopia - Magic in the Air’ in collaboration with Roblox, inviting kids to build the interactive experience.
Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Decentraland

Children in India were able to experience the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards in Decentraland.
Marco Masri (Kid Ambassador for Subway Surfers)

Popular teen social media ambassadors.
Lego x Epic Games Partnership

Toy manufacturers are partnering with game developers to build a metaverse for kids.

More than simply media, TotallyPlay is about experience, ecosystems & communities

The TotallyPlay Ecosystem

In the game

Ads in Game
In-game banners & rewarded videos
Adver Gaming
Re-skinned co-branded casual games
Publisher Partnership
Custom branded layers and skins
Developer Partnership
Co-create branded game environments

Around the game

Game IP Collaboration
Use of game IP outside of the game
Gaming Creators
Partnership with gaming creators
Partnership with streamers
Game Extended IP & Experiences
Using the game IP around the game

Beyond the game

Esports Tournament
Branding on streams & integration in tournaments
Esports Leagues
Branding on streams & integration in leagues
Esports Teams
Use of team IP, social posts and meet, greet & shoots
Esports Athletes
Use of athlete IP, social posts and meet, greet & shoots
Brand Experience
Custom built games for brands
Metaverse Experience
Custom build experiences in virtual environment

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