Not all gaming
media inventory
is created equal.

The TotallyPlay Ecosystem;
in, around and beyond the game

In-the Game
Ads in game
Ad formats in-game platforms. Includes banners and rewarded video formats.
Re-skinned co-branded casual games with exclusive in-game assets and skins.
Publisher Partnership
Partnerships with game publishers to developer custom branded layers, in-game assets and skins.
Developer Partnership
Partnership with game developers (those who design the game) to co-create branded game environments. This does not necessarily mean a partnership with the game publisher.
Around the Game
Game IP Collaboration
Use of game IP (logo, image, characters) outside of the game environment (on social media promo assets, POSM, TVCs).
Gaming Creators
Partnership with gaming creators to create bespoke content.
Partnership with streamers (casual – pro player streamers) to brand streaming content, product placement and logo exposure.
Game Extended & Experiences
Using the game IP and ancillary IP to create experiences around the game (i.e. experiential events, collaborated merch, watch parties).
Beyond the Game
Esports Tournament
Partnership with an esports tournament, includes branding on streams, brand integration in tournament assets and venue.
Esports Leagues
Partnership with a league tournament, includes branding on streams, brand integration in league assets and venue.
Esports Teams
Partnership with a team, includes branding on stream, use of team IP, content, social media campaigns, meet & greets, photo & video shoots.
Esports Athletes
Partnership with an athlete, includes branding on stream, use of athlete IP, content, social media campaign, meet & greets, photo & video shoots.
Brand Experience
Custom built games for brands.
Metaverse Experience
Custom build experiences in virtual environment for brands.

Gaming for both brands and U18s needs to remain safe and this is where we come in

and this is where we come in

Proprietary research & third party data enablement
Class-defining data compliance
Handpicked and curated supply
Highly impactful digital gaming experiences

Serving families and supporting the industry


Need marketing environments in which consumers are receptive


Need reassurance around the positivity of play


Need kids playing their games, condoned by their parents


Need access to games by parents and a safe and entertaining playground

Serving families and supporting industry

We believe that the future's most successful brands will cultivate positive play; behaving authentically and earning attention and love from their communities.

TotallyPlay Principles


Universal access to relevant inventory and partners, ensuring an unbiased approach to solutions.


A commitment to knowledge; testing assumptions and hypothesis with science backed research.

Human First

Keeping human centred design thinking at the heart of our experiments and learnings. Humanizing data and science.


Designing and delivering experiences that are respectful, authentic, appropriate and safe for our audiences.

Our bespoke approach

At TotallyPlay, we focus on understanding our environment and community first to define a brand's role in play.

Proprietarty research
To create safe spaces at scale

Value Proposition

A deep understanding of the mechanics that enhance the play experience.

Tone & Cultural Fit

Plugged into the best publishers and native developers that are loved by local gaming communities.

Value Exchange

Creating engaging experiences and content that appeals to kids/teens.

Revolutionising relevance across the gaming multiverse with best-in-class supply and exclusive partnerships





Conscious commercial decisions will create change, for good.