TotallyAwesome partners with Nickelodeon Australia to create and distribute kid-safe social media content via new local PopJam channel

Sydney August 2019 

TotallyAwesome has partnered with Nickelodeon Australia to successfully launch a local PopJam channel for the iconic kids entertainment brand, allowing them to safely communicate to their under-13 audience in Australia via the leading kid-safe and COPPA compliant social media content platform. 

Already a huge success in the UK and US markets, PopJam offers a fully moderated and curated content experience for an under-13 audience. Kids are able to engage with top kid influencers, leading entertainment brands and publishers within a safe social online community.

Recognising that kids’ consumption of online content is on the rise, Nickelodeon remains committed to working with new social platforms that will better enable them to communicate to their young audience in a safe and secure way. This strategic partnership will see TotallyAwesome assist Nickelodeon Australia to bolster their production and distribution of kid safe and compliant content via the new PopJam platform. 

TotallyAwesome’s CEO Quan Nguyen said: “With over 170,000 children going online for the first time every day and the emergence of data privacy regulations in our region, brands like Nickelodeon are searching for kid-safe and compliant online platforms to communicate to their younger audiences. We are excited to announce the successful launch of Nickelodeon Australia’s local channel on TotallyAwesome’s kid-safe under 13 app PopJam and look forward to working with the team to help them create more opportunities for them to engage more deeply with their audience in a safe and secure way.”