What The Insights Family® new portal means to TotallyAwesome’s clients

We recently brought you exciting news that TotallyAwesome has partnered with The Insights Family® (rebranded from The Insights People), the global leader in kids, parents and family research who have recently expanded their presence in APAC to now include Japan, Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines, in addition to Australia, India and China. Now, in more news, The Insights Family® have released “Portal 4.0”,  the latest version of their award-winning insights platform.  

The Insights Family® rebrand

So what does the “Portal 4.0” mean to you? TotallyAwesome’s partnership with The Insights Family® means our clients benefit from live panel data across kids, teens and families – more than 362,100 kids and 176,800 parents across 17 countries every year, seven of which are in APAC. This allows us to respond to our clients’ strategic needs by accessing, filtering, interrogating and analysing the extensive data at our fingertips with up to 99% statistical significance, providing the brands we serve more value than ever before. 

According to a recent survey by The Insights Family® among over 100 professionals across the kids’ and parents’ space, only 6% of businesses believe they have a sufficient understanding of the family audience, and as their attitudes, behaviours, and consumption patterns continue to shift, having a deep understanding of this audience has never been more important. Thanks to the new features such as a clustering tool called ‘Persona Perspectives™’, the Portal 4.0 will enable TotallyAwesome to help clients have a deeper understanding of this audience and refine their kids, teens and family engagement strategies. 

To learn more about TotallyAwesome and how we can help brands safely engage with young audiences and their parents, please contact info@totallyawesome.tv 

Portal 4.0 dashboard