How to comply with Thailand’s new data privacy law

How does your brand target its audience? What methods do you, as an advertiser, apply to ensuring your products and messages reach this audience in the right place at the right time? If your answer is “with cookies and third party platforms”, then you may want to rethink your strategy, especially if you’re targeting kids and teens in Thailand as the possibility of facing large fines could become a reality for your brand if you are not careful. 

It’s not a situation anyone would want to be in, and it has happened to plenty of big and small companies in the past. Therefore, TotallyAwesome welcomes the news that the Thailand government’s new legislation, the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), is set to become law on May 31st 2022, and is largely based off the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which requires businesses to protect the personal data of its citizens during transactions within the EU. 

Under the new law, all businesses operating within Thailand, as well as those outside the country who collect, use, disclose or transfer personal data of Thai citizens, must comply. Companies that breach this law face fines of up to THB 5 million, and imprisonment of up to one year. This is the first time that Thailand has developed a comprehensive framework for the protection of personal data.  

TotallyAwesome remains 100% committed to ensuring brands continue to engage safely and compliantly with kids, teens and families across Thailand.  

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