Play to Dominate: How TotallyPlay Can Help Brands Win in Gaming (Radio Interview)

This month, Will Anstee (CEO, TotallyAwesome) sat down with the radio presenters of The Breakfast Huddle, MoneyFM 89.3, to talk about the importance of safety measures and accountability for brands & under-18s in gaming advertising. They also touched on how brands can tap on TotallyPlay to ensure that their ads are in a brand-safe and brand-suitable gaming environment.

With the explosion of Gaming, Web3 and the Metaverse across APAC, the advertising model we are all used to is evolving. We will see it moving beyond just ‘transactional’ (create desire and buy) to one of utility and meaningful engagement. For brand and agencies to reach under-18 gamers effectively, they need to start empowering and enabling its target audience for true brand loyalty and lifetime value. For instance, enabling teens in their ‘world of firsts’ – a world of first boyfriends, girlfriends, risks, car, credit card, student loan – by allowing them to play in this digital world in confidence and safety.

If brands don’t show up to enable youth to step into their power, there is a high chance they will lose them forever. So, how can brands and agencies deliver positive play experiences in a safe and empowering manner amidst brand safety and brand suitability concerns? Listen to Will’s full interview for more insights:

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