TotallyAwesome curates safe digital worlds for young explorers

TotallyAwesome is Asia Pacific’s No.1 platform that curates the largest supply of media inventory to engage Under-18s safely. The startup enables a youth-safe digital ecosystem with more than 500 million monthly active users across APAC, adhering to international governments’ most advanced regulations protecting kids’ and teens’ data privacy by deploying bespoke technology designed specifically to offer youths contextual and customised content through age-appropriate engagement.  

In a conversation with #biztechasia Tom Simpson, the freshly appointed Non-Executive Chair, TotallyAwesome shares what makes this startup awesome as it embarks on a mission to create a safe environment for kids to engage in a digital world. He also touches on the tools and technologies that the startup provides its partners to create a truly youth-safe advertising ecosystem including its recent launch of the world’s first programmatic solutions to engage with audiences under 18 safely.

Additionally, Tom speaks about on:

  • His role as the non-executive chair at TotallyAwesome and what it entails. 
  • The reason behind the founding of TotallyAwesome, its customers and footprint in the region.
  • Customer success stories from brands who have leveraged TotallyAwesome’s solutions.
  • The recently launched YouthSafe Desk and YouthSafe Tag certification products which offer marketers ultimate brands safety online.
  • The company’s recent USD10 million fundraise from Partners for Growth and Yefira Group.

Watch the full interview video here:

Source: Biztech Asia