Purpose built to protect both brands and today’s youths.

Purpose built to protect both brands and today’s youths.

As a youth-first company, TotallyAwesome’s role is to champion the needs, desires, and aspirations of youths. Past success has shown that creating a safe, inspiring, and fun digital world for youths to grow up in happens to be also in the interests of brands and bottom lines. To achieve this, we are organised into four business pillars.

Our Four Pillars:

Bespoke division specifically designed to mentor Brands, Agencies, Governments, Trade Media, Publishers, and Content Creators on how best to engage kids, GenZs and families online. We focus on safety and data compliance (GDPR-K & COPPA), while offering brands a plethora of rich youth insights that allow them to turn-up with relevance, meaning and utility.

We create content that is right for youths. Our creation hub works with brands to better engage youths in the TotallyAwesome playground. Powered by a team of in-house specialists – including paediatric psychologists, influencer & content teams, and our Creative Studio – we evolve the brand’s work into digital assets that are compliant and primed for greater engagement & relevance.

The inconvenient truth is that most media agencies don’t have the tools needed to effectively communicate with youths. But that’s okay, because TotallyPlanning can. Our bespoke tools & custom integrations allow media planners and marketers to confidently engage with this hard-to-reach audience. Our offering includes optimised media mixes, deep data insights, and a state-of-the-art audience builder that helps media planners optimise the purchase funnel for greater media ROI.

When it comes to youth-first engagement, we are ranked #1 for the under-24 audiences in Asia-Pacific. This is because TotallyEngaging has powerful acquisition, retention, and lead generation products & services such as contextual targeting and programmatic solutions that deliver exceptional business outcomes. Most importantly, all our engagements are youth-safe, giving our clients that much needed peace of mind.