Asia Pacific’s TotallyAwesome Launches World’s First Programmatic Solution Targeting Under 18’s

Singapore, 13 April, 2022 – TotallyAwesome, Asia-Pacific’s most advanced digital media network for GenZ and families, has launched TotallyAwesome Programmatic Playground, a world-first digital platform that allows APAC advertisers to engage with under 18’s in brand safe environments at scale using programmatic technology.

Despite U18’s and teens increasingly controlling most household purchasing decisions around holidays, cars, beauty, auto and technology, marketers have previously been unable to target them in a brand safe, scalable contextual environment. TotallyAwesome Programmatic Playground solves this issue.

Unlike most programmatic solutions, TotallyAwesome Programmatic Playground engages with its audience contextually via over 7,000 verified brand safe media inventory formats including apps, websites and games to deliver over 300 million monthly active online users under 18 across Asia Pacific. It does not collect any data or personal identifying information (PII).

Will Anstee, CEO of TotallyAwesome commented, “We’re extremely proud to bring the world’s first programmatic solution to safely engage with an Under 18 audience to market in Asia Pacific. TotallyAwesome is passionate about helping brands reach audiences under 18 years-old in an age-appropriate, brand safe environment. We’ve invested significant time and resources to create this world-first solution that enables brands and agencies to engage with this powerful and influential audience with meaning and utility at scale, in a protected environment.”

Powered by TotallyAwesome’s Curation and Moderation Platform (CaMP cloud-based tool) that has ingested over millions of brand safe media ad units, publishers and contextual environments, TotallyAwesome Programmatic Playground delivers the largest and best in class media supply across Asia-Pacific engaging Under 18’s. All inventory is vetted and qualified by human moderators including teenagers in the local language to guarantee brand safe and ad fraud free inventory.

The TotallyAwesome Programmatic Playground is compliant with both COPPA and GDPR data privacy guidelines and regulations, and is a member of the kidSAFE Seal Program. The company follows the most advanced Government regulations protecting kids’ data and privacy. A resident practising psychologist advises on what is age appropriate and consequently helps shape its products and develop bespoke research solutions.

Will Anstee, CEO of TotallyAwesome added, “The TotallyAwesome Programmatic Playground combines a best-in-class contextual discovery platform with privacy compliant technology and informed human insight to create a world-first solution. We’re delighted to be able to provide a safe and efficient environment to enable brands and their agencies to build powerful Private Market Places (PMP’s) to responsibly engage with this audience”.

Using a custom data filter that prevents PII-sensitive data from being collected and transferred in the bid request, TotallyAwesome Programmatic Playground leverages and optimises over 200 interest categories of Under 18s passion points to create sophisticated audience segments to responsibly engage with this hard-to-reach audience.

For more information on TotallyAwesome’s Programmatic Playground please visit here.